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Aug 1 - Sept 15 Exhibition o Daniel Boone Cycles, 50 years immersed in cycling Sept 22, 2nd Invitational Annual Smithsonian Day Sept 29, 8pm Farewell to our first location, 1313 Binz building, a Movie Night fundraiser o 1313 Binz, the Bicycle Museum parking lot will be free and nearby streets are free, and if metered, free after 6pm till 7am. Oct 6, 4th annual fundraiser, more o Target 400 riders Past Events Aug 26, Boone’s 50th Party First Saturday Market at the Houston Bicycle Museum Bikes - Art - Food -Jewelry - Handmade Goods and more 1313 Binz Street Houston 77004 Market Hours 10am to 4pm Bike   Bazaar   Sell/buy   bicycles,   vintage,   classic,   or   last   year's.   Make   this   market   the   destination for   all   bicycle   lovers.   Sell   a   bike   for   free.…sign   in,   and   hang   out.   Show   off   your   bike   and   swap stories.   Shop   local   vendors   and   talented   artisans,   and   enjoy   great   food   at   this   FREE   unique outdoor   market.   Vendors   can   get   a   12'x12'   for   $25.   Free   on-street   parking   available;   lot   parking $5. Bicycle Museum admission for $5 on Market Day. Children 10 years and younger are always FREE! Venders: info@houstonbicyclemuseum.org   J ohn    Howard ,   a   hall   of   famer   and   a   legend   in   the   cycling   world   spoke   to   us about his many many endeavors. A b icycle museum benefit. Major Taylor: Black History month, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Magical Museum Mystery Bike Tour 2015 The Magical Museum Bike Tour 2016, 2017 Rid e in celebration of Global Women’s Cycling Day 2017 and 2018.

The Galveston Bike Tour 2017

July 2017   Daily Watch parties Denise   Mueller ,   the   fastest   female   cyclist   broke   the   speed   record   on   the Bonneville   Salt   Flats   in   September   2016   at   147.7   mph   speaking   about   her experiences in breaking this amazing speed. French   Summer   Soiree   Mixing   the   art   scene   into   our   cycling   subculture, celebrating our lifestyle and camaraderie. TOUR   DE   PHARMACY    A   mockumentary   satire   feature   film   on   cheating   and   doping   tactics   in   the professional cycling underworld. Re d Carpet Event Museum  Day at proposed museum site 2013. Exhibited at the following : Aurora Picture Show Bike-In Movie Houston Moonlight Ramble HTX Bikefest Festival San Jacinto Festival KPFT Gumbo Fest Cherryhurst Bikes 2013 Exhibits Boone Cycles 40th Anniversary Party kicked off the bicycle museum. Look for Houston Bicycle Museum on Youtube. Top P lease donate.

The   first   ever   exhibit   “It’s   all   about   the   bike”    at   the   Houston   Garden   center, Hermann   Park,   Houston,   Nov   2011.   Over   400   people   attended   the   one   day   exhibit.   A free   exhibit   featuring   bicycles   ranging   from   1879   to   modern   times.      There   were   High Wheelers   and   the   latest   aero   bicycles,   an   autographed   Giro   de   Italia   (Tour   of   Italy) winner   jersey   or   the   Maglia   Rosa,   a   Hop-A-Long   Cassidy   Bike,   a   Major   Taylor   exhibit, early   mountain   bikes   made   by   Hall   of   Fame   winners,   posters,   1930   tandems,   and much more.

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